Photo by Chiara Gerek

The game box is populated by colorful people using emoji and app icons in place of real world objects. We tried to blur the line between their physical space and the world of smartphone screens. The outer and inner sides of the game box were illustrated slightly differently. As the box top is lifted away from the base, these goofy characters’ next moves are on display.

Aside from the box and cards, we also designed and illustrated the packaging for three auxiliary themed card packs, with more packs coming in the near future.

As part of an early promotional effort we designed and illustrated the “Collector Packs.” This set of four packs can be lined up side-by-side to reveal a long connecting scene of a budding art collector. He’s busy arranging and admiring a series of famous emojified artworks in his home.

We also made a set of illustrations to show how Game of Phones can be played while socially distancing. Which Zoom character are you?