Exciting Links for Boring Days in no Particular Order

Robot For President

YouTube – Hitler Banned From iSketch!
Content Aware Image Resizing (found by J-Roen)
SeaDragon @ TED
The Bad Signage Pool
Dice Stacking
Fantoche (2 times)
RENT – online auditions
Polo without the horse
3d motion portrait
Fruit Vessel
Monkey Loves Pigeon
Jessica the Pet Hippo (found by Julia)
Treadmill Madness
Bending Light
Sleeping Concert In Spain
Partial Face Transplants
Cop riding Segway runs down suspect
color matching coffee cup
São Paulo No Logo
super fun happy slide

Daft Hands
Crowd Farm
Babies Eating Lemons
Type the Sky
Screaming Beans
Visible Only Through a Digital Camera
Walk it Out (found by Lauren)
Inmate Thriller
The Moment the Tallest Man Met the Shortest Man
David Shrigley Music Video
Brain Cloud
Pictures at Right Angles (found by Doodles)
The New Internet Hero
Laughing Yoga 2
Jed Movie
The Wind
Typography Toys
Letter of the Day (found by Paul Drew)
Origins of Punctuation Marks

Science Experiment #3
Judge Stuffs The Pants Man
Dunning-Kruger Effect
Driver comes a cropper in police chase
Melted keyboard (found by Julia)

Tree Drawings
Etch-a-Sketch Time Lapse
Warped Wallpaper
A look at U.S. presidents’ job-approval ratings.
US States Renamed For Countries With Similar GDPs
Fit Through the Shape (found by Frekk F)
Ugly Mailboxes
Mr Lee Cat Cam (found by J-roen)
Hog Washed
787 Cliparts

Flags by Colours
Street View
Sorted Books
Close-up of the Sun
Skim-milk Cows

Glass Duo Ensemble (found by Matt)
Molting Cicadas
Instructables: 4-lead clovers
United Shapes of America (found by Isaac)
T’s World (search for Bill Romanowski) (found by Ben F)

Jodie Foster sings a french song
Cake Art
65 million for missing pants
Animal Mug
Fast Food: Ads vs. Reality
Underwater Circles
Animaux (found by Ben)
Weng Weng
Facelift for a Museum
Leaping Shampoo
Is it Friday?
Chickens Break Up a Fight
Jesus on the Wall
Brakes (found by Bille)
Banks Try Charm to Deter Robbers
Minilogue/Hitchhikers Choice
Airline Ticket Predictions
No One Belongs Here More Than You
Mona Lisa in MS Paint
Get the Glass
Most Dangerous Roads in the World (found by Dez Broatch)
High Speed Photos (found by Kodoku)
The Age Project (found by Kodoku)
Mario Brothers Theme Song Homemade Versions (found by Rob)
North Korean Drama
Image Mosaic Generator
Public Transportation Patterns (found by Julia)
100 Person Flash Mob (found by J-Roen)
Norh Korean Children’s Parade (found by J-Roen)
Crane Croutons for Your Salad
Transformer Costumes
Eye Tracking
More Eye Tracking
Embroidered Telephone Conversations
Cat Plays with Mac Book
Windows 386 Promo Video
Folding Chair
Make A Flake
One-Eyed Giant
Michel Gondry Solves a Rubiks Cube with his Feet

Designing with food
Comedy Central Ads (found by Isaac)

Iranian Censorship
Rubber Band in Slow Motion
Telemarketer Nightmare
Shrimp on a Treadmill
Building Stonehenge
Pat Robertson Predicts Terrorism in 2007
Phony Photo Booth
Shrimp Peeling
Dove Ad Evolution
Cartoon Room
Sketching Physics
Dubai In the Fog
Sony Paint Ad
Quick Change Artists
Lords of the Logistic (found by Isaac)
Sketch Furniture
Men of Mortuaries Calendar
Clever Shopping Bags
Skateboarding Girls
Moto japo friki
Octopus Escaping Through a 1 Inch Hole
Carved Crayons
News Hour Birthday Party (found by Austin)
Juggling in a Cone (found by Brian)

Jerome Murat (found by kanny)
The Secret Life of Machines
Powerwashing New York City
Get Human
The Rat Princess Portraits (found by Edie)
An Act to Ban Dwarf Tossing (found by Timmy Vee)
Pencil Furniture Art (found by John B)

Prices of Liquids
Anatomy Lesson
Line Rider
Line Rider Helicopter Escape
We Feel Fine
Krazy Kids
Margaret Thatcher Illusion
Pen Spinning
igor falecki drummer
Slimming Photos
Banana George
Remove Logos With Sugar
Hot Hot Hot
Websites As Graphs
Jacob Dahlgren
Dance, Voldo, Dance
Unseen Al Gore Campaign Video
Under Construction
Home Shopping Network Moron
Clínica Rural
Stroke Gives Woman Foreign Accent
Dust Art
Most T-shirts
The Real Copperfield
Children Recreational Parks
Me & Louie’s Sister Photoshop Tutorial
Zuiikin Gals II
Laughing Yogi
Elsehwere Dance
Best In Show
The Lyrebird
Stephen Wiltshire, The Human Camera
The Story Of the Color Red
Stop the Madness (with Nancy Reagan)
Stephen Colbert Commencement Address
Indian Beatles
Animator vs. Animation
Dreams of Flying
Original UpRock
Hail To the Cheif
Food Sculpture
Easter Egg Shells (found by Kerry)
Japanese Ice Cream
Stephen Colbert and Congressman
70,000 Beer Cans Found In a House
Weird Children Recreational Parks
Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha (found by Austin)
How to Peel a Cooked Potato In One Shot
Flocks Of More Than a Million European Starlings
Table Saw Hot Dog Test
10 Things I Hate About Commandments
Pyongyang Circus
Display Floats in Mid-Air
World License Plates (found by Timmy Vee)
The Lenovo Tapes
Pop vs. Soda (found by Timmy Vee)
Brand Name Pencils (found by Blooper)
Brawny Man Innocent Escapes (found by magnitic mantras)
Information Interactive
The Virtual Toilet Paper Museum (found by Timmy Vee)
Dream Log
How old do you think I am? (found by aboveasbelow)
High Speed Photographs (found by Person)
Fantastic Paperwork
Bicycling Dalmation
Georgie (found by X19524)
India Driving
Traffic (found by Corey Farwell)
Game of Life
Things My Girlfriend and I Have Argued About (found by Fluffy)
Oreo Sculptures
Walt Disney’s Venereal Disease
Finger Breakdancing
Toilets (found by Timmy Vee)
Egg Sculpture
Turn Your Head
Furry Lobster
Monsters of Uxbridge
3D Painted Rooms
Bright Feet Slippers (found by Fee)
Messages & Visions (found by Matthew)
Marimba Ponies
Aerogel – The Lightest Solid
Celebrity Ping Pong (found by Ben F)
Celebrity Yawning (found by Autodog)
Japan Skirts (found by the cuban cigar)
North Korean Physical Education Dance Video
Japander (found by the cuban cigar)
A puzzle gone wild
This Is What A Honda Feels Like (click on “watch”)
The Slanket
Hamster, snake best friends at Tokyo zoo
Aerial Photographs of Mexico City
How to fold a fitted sheet
Transformer Video
Multi-Touch Interaction Research
With You Always (found by John)
More Malia (found by Kate)
Pitch His Tents (found by Randall)
Human Clock (found by Dave’s Dad)
Genious Kids #6
Hormone levels predict attractivenes in women
Arnold in Brazil
The Grabowskis
Coolest Christmas Lights Ever
50 Cent at a Bat Mitzvah
What is Love?
Wrestlers of the Week (found by Julia)
Samorost 2
Cute Overload
The Shuffle
Kitten War (found by Isaac)
Presidential Speechalist
Bouncy Balls
Photos Through A Microscope
Gourmet Impressions
Mr Angry & Mrs Calm
Jenga Tower
A Million Ways
Jello City (found by J)
Genius Kids #5
Camera Toss
Feral Children (found by Edie)
Rat Kings (found by Edie)
McSweeny Recommends
The Shining
Python Bursts Eating Gator (found by J-roen)
Street Car Nationals (found by J-roen)
Guinness Ad (found by Austin)
Bizarre Records
Giant Bunny
Two bronze sculptures pee into their oddly-shaped enclosure
Bush Finds Error in Fermi Lab Calculations
Steve-O Trashed Beyond Belief
Eastern European Home Computers
Hair is the Hat
Chemical Experiments
Johnny Applesandal
The Hard Drive Is the New Bling
Worst Disaster
Mona Lisa Rubik’s Cube
Antique Children’s Records
Snow Crystals
Pencil Carving Gallery
Frodo Wakes Up (found by CJ)
5ft House for Sale
Noises (found by Maria)
Catsup Crapper (found by Dan Bedford)
Backyard Roller Coaster (found by Dan)
Vending Machine Heaven (found by Adieha)
Flash Earth
Internet Wayback Machine
High Speed Balloon Popping
Waterdrop Drawings
Skateboarding Over the Great Wall of China (found by Isaac)
Tanaka Auto Door
World’s Largest (found by Person)
Gum Blondes (found by Matt)
Quarters from Hell
Where’s George (found by bobbiesmcgeesblues)
Paper Craft (found by Janet)
Bouncy Girls
I Look Like My Dog (found by Dan)
Death Clock (found by JimSqu)
Things in Rubbers (found by J-roen)
IFOCE Profiles
Dollar Shirt
More Sidewalk Chalk Guy (found by J-roen)
Stress Buster (found by J-roen)
Guess the Google (found by JBob)
Lust for Bust
Urban Legends
World’s Ugliest Dog
The Most Wanted Paintings
Bouncy Balls
Japanese Condom Packaging
Salami Rugs
Google Moon
Group Hug
Email from the Future (found by Frank)
Subservient Chicken
Abandoned Bikes (found by J-roen)
Find Something to Do (found by Matt)
Senses Challenge (found by Adieha)
Funny Faces (found by Adieha)
Laser Laces
Noah K Everyday
Stuff on Cats (found by J-roen)
Q&A with Strangers (found by Wrobilla)
The Price is Right Models (found by Robert)
Taped Cat (found by J-roen)
Sticky Mess
Daily Weather Report by David Lynch
Enless Love (found by Austin)
Children’s Books of the Early Soviet Era
Nightmare on Orchard Street (found by Joe)
Tetris Final in Japan (very large file) (found by Someone)
Phonespell (found by Dan)
Name That Candybar (found by Dan)
Gender Genie (found by Dan)
Gibby’s Gameroom (found by Someone)
Neverending Fall (found by Someone)
Giant Catfish
One MP3 A Day For One Year (found by Person)
Saved By The Bell Experts (found by Cindy)
Wooster Collective
Jay’s Stupid Human Trick (found by Julia)
How It Works… The Computer
Thor Rolls a Joint
More Signs
The Penny Arcade Remix Project
10 Worst (or Best) Album Covers of All Time
Lightbulb Joke
The SmartStudent Guide to Studying in the USA
They Thought You’d Say This
Archive of Pregnant Animals
Art Cars
World’s Biggest Sandwich
Lost in Translation (found by David)
Abandoned Russian Buildings
This to That (Glue Advice)
Teasing Cats
Play with Me
Jon Stewart’s Commencement Address
Steve Job’s Commencement Address
Gettysburg Address in Powerpoint
Jet Man
iTunes per iPod
Tetris Piece
Bar Mitzvah Highlights Reel
Kerry Is a Bad Student
Cookie Master
Can you imagine a house made out of books?
Crappy Bootleg DVDs
Operating System Sucks-Rules-O-Meter
Freakanomics: Monkeys Learn to Spend Money
Focus on the Crosshairs (or plus sign in the center)
Tom Cruise on Oprah
Tom Cruise on Access Hollywood
Hopkin (Lost Frog) Expained (found by Ben)
Celine Dion as Michael Jackson
Gum Wrapper Chain
20 Questions + Star Wars
Cute Robots (found by John)
Self Replication
Goggle Maps Globetrotting
Crazy Ebay Mom (found by Austin)
Cloud Appreciation Society
Carved Watermelons
World Geography Games
Items Confiscated by Airline Security Now for Sale
Chinese, Korean, Japanese (found by Luke)
Onomonopea (found by Austin)
Lost Frog (found by Jon)
Player Appreciate (found by Schuyler)
Pig Personality Test
How to Perform Strongman Stunts
Monster Generator
The Home page of Randy Constan (found by Dave)
Cyber Geography (found by Drew)
Cosmic Peephole
Abandoned Japanese Themepark
Museum of Anti-Alcohol Posters
Can of Coke And a Chocolate Bar
Paper Camera
Bacon Stip Adheseive Bandages
Starbucks (found by Luke)
Yard Fitness (found by Luke)
Machine Maker
Patches – The Most Domesticated Horse in the Universe
The Brick Testament
Greg’s Digital Retouching Portfolio
Found Footage Film Festival Preview
Dance Dance Revolution plus Juggling
Home of the Twisted Films of Pes
Honda Accord
Mean Face
Museum of Food Anomalies
Unintentionally sexual comic book covers
Ron Wise’s World Paper Money Homepage
Smallest Pacman Ever (found by Luke)
Worst Standup Ever (found by Austin)
Treat Your Mother Right
They are very funny goats. (found by Pete Raho)
Satellite Maps (found by Isaac)
McSweeny’s Recommends
Super Timor
Fly Guy
Net Disaster
Index aller 100 Tafeln (found by Isaac)
Baby Name Wizard (found by Civi)
Crazy News
Pirated Sites
New York City Walk
Ping Pong Matrix
Lego Church (found by Julia)
Overheard in New York (found by Shira)
Octopus Imitates a Coconut (found by Schuyler)
Octopus Imitates a Clump of Seaweed (found by Schuyler)
Baby Got Book (found by Thomasin)
Gem Sweaters (found by Tim)
Ghillie Suits
David Lynch Commercials
Not Fooling Anybody
Nadore’s Postcard About Bears (found by Lauren)
Japanese Warning Signs
Sidewalk Chalk Guy
Photographer Seeks Resolution
Hand Shadows
Etch-a-Sketch Gallery
200 Secrets
The Balloons Page
Japanese Inventions
Mariko Takahashi’s Fitness Video
Dance Off
Ecrans Transparents
Scanner Camera
Found Magazine
Personality Test
Best of Sodaplay
Google Statistics
The Gyros Project
Jeremy Lavine’s Essay
Glen’s Products
Jakob Nielsen
Jakob Nielsen’s Photos
GPS Drawing
Men’s Activism
Disk Sleeves
Wife Carrying
Random Name Generator
Veggie Art
Euro Bad
Svenska dansband
Bush Speech
Skateboard Dog
Life Switch
More Sushi
Word Count
One Good Move
Imagination Cubed
20 Questions
Message From God
Hall of Technical Documentation Weirdness
Tilamook Cheddar
How To Fold a Shirt
Banana Guard
Who’s That With Jeremy?
Parallel Parking
Infinite Cat Project
Cat of the Week
Carl Lewis Music Video
World Beard Championships
Color Coded
Optical Illusion
The Little Bride
Ten x Ten
Monday 24 January
Card Stacker
Women in Spacesuits
Communication Skills
Arcade Games
Japanese English Textbook
Save Toby
Computer Slang
Finger Length

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