“Best non-fiction kids book of 2017”

★ “The similarities and differences between the seven lives are both delicate and astonishing in their details.”
—Booklist, starred review

★ “Readers will enjoy making cultural comparisons . . . as they follow each child through his or her day.”
The Horn Book Magazine, starred review

The animated trailer above explains the overall idea behind the book, and shows snippets from some of the pages.

The advanced copies of the book have already earned some very positive reviews from the most important reviewers:

“I like the book This is How We Do It. It shows how people around the world eat sleep go to school and learn at school. They are all kids! How cool. It shows 7 kids,  1 from Peru, 1 from Italy, 1 from Uganda, 1 from Japan, 1 from India, 1 from Russia and last but not least Matt the author. I like the drawings and the detail and it shows that it does not matter where ever people come from they are good people and that everyone is different. And the illustrations are awesome.” Jack, 8 years old

I liked when you illustrated the kids and their families, and at the end you put the families in a picture in real life. I also like how you put each kids’ story in a box and on top of information you had the place/where they lived. I appreciate that you told everyone how they write and how they learn. I really like your book and I think you should publish your book. I think everyone should read it. Thanks for reading my opinion.” Sandra, 8

“I really like the book This Is How We Do It. The way you set up the book with squares was very creative. I like how you put bold and big letters for the headings and told us which country you were talking about. I thought putting the real pictures of the families in the back was very cool. It is nice that you underlined the words that are in the glossary. The way you wrote the book, like the kids were writing the book really grabbed my attention and made me feel like I was right there next to the kids. Also I learned a lot I didn’t know about those countries. The words and pictures helped me picture the things in my mind. I think that the teachers should read this book to their class so kids learn about how children do everything around the world. I hope your book is published. It really should be and I would totally buy another!” Diana, 11