Beethoven: A Life in Nice Pieces, Laura Tunbridge, 2020


A Sensitive Person, Jachym Topol, 2022


Illustration by Lauren Nassef

Unused designs for Clairvoyant of the Small

Clairvoyant of the Small, Susan Bernofsky, 2021


Unused designs for Gilgamesh

Gilgamesh, Sophus Helle, 2021


Unused designs for Exiled Shadow

Exiled Shadow, Norman Manea, 2022


Barefoot Doctor, Can Xue, 2022


Unused designs for The Valiant Little Tailor

The Valiant Little Tailor, Eric Chevillard, 2022


Tales of Tangier, Mohamed Choukri, 2022


Unused designs for The Aeneid

Aeneid, Vergil, 2020


Unused designs for The Notes

The Notes, Ludwig Hohl, 2021


Unused designs for The Week

The Week, David M. Henkin, 2021


The Ever-Changint Past, James M. Banner, Jr., 2020


Unused designs for California: A Slave State

California: A Slave State, Jean Pfaelzer, 2022


Adapting to Climate Change, Matthew E. Kahn, 2020